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Hawk Mountain

The Blue Mountain Estate sits adjacent to and across the valley from the high ridge of Hawk Mountain, part of the larger Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. It constitutes a protected land area of more than 1400 acres that will forever remain undeveloped, providing a backdrop to the home that will be enjoyed for many generations to come. Moreover, more than 13,000 acres of immediate surrounding land is preserved and protected. Hawk Mountain itself has a fascinating history due to its natural geological and micro-climatic conditions which draw raptor birds along its ridge to take advantage of favorable, strong wind flows which aid them during their seasonal migrations.


People travel from all over the world to experience the phenomena of these large migratory birds flying across this mountain and through this valley. The Blue Mountain Estate offers what is essentially an exclusive and private observatory from which to enjoy this. Said architect Peter Bohlin: “To watch raptors, hawks, and eagles flying along the ridge is a terrific experience”



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