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About the Location

The Blue Mountain Estate is located adjacent to the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, (http:// www.hawkmountain.org) It constitutes a protected land area of more than 1400 acres that will forever remain undeveloped, providing a backdrop to the home that will be enjoyed for many generations to come. Hawk Mountain itself has a fascinating history due to its natural geological and micro-climatic conditions which draw raptor birds along its ridge to take advantage of favorable wind currents to aid them during their seasonal migrations.


The property is approximately two hours away from both the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas by vehicle, and is situated about 15 minutes from the Interstate 78 interchange at Hamburg.


Regional airports in both nearby Reading and Lehigh Valley provide facilities for private airplane and jet service. The property could be equipped with a private heliport to provide more direct private linkage to any of these destinations.


Boxing legend Muhammad Ali relocated his personal training facility from Miami in the early 1970’s to nearby Deer Lake, which is about ten minutes away from the Blue Mountain Estate. He chose to live and train in this area because it afforded him the privacy he sought, but it was still close enough to the major metropolitan areas to suit his needs. Many VIPs and dignitaries would frequent his nearby camp. Today, this quiet area offers a similar experience.